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February Hulk Variants – Week 3

defenders 1

Yet another round of 4 Hulk variants came into the LCS this week. I was not able to get a copy of the Infinity Countdown: Prime #1 – the Fixit variant – the one I wanted the most.  I had to resort to eBay for that – which I hate to do – but unfortunately, after talking to most of the people who work at the shops, they did not qualify for the variant.  So I figure the variant distribution was too out of whack for most of the shops to qualify for.

The Planet Hulk variant is cool but the obedience disc is supposed to be blue – that’s nitpicking – but it’s a pretty odd choice.




Infinity Countdown: Prime #1 (2018)

Mr. Fixit by Marcos Martin

Grade: B+
The Mighty Thor #704 (2018) 

Bruce Banner vs Hulk by Tyler Kirkham

Grade: B
Incredible Hulk #713 (2018)

Planet Hulk by Joh Tyler Christopher

Grade: B-
Defenders #10 (2018)

Defenders by Stephanie Hans

Grade: A-