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In Case You Missed It… Yet Again


We finally get a real look… at the Hulk’s hand!  It looks as though he may need to visit a pedicurist because his nails are NOT on fleek!

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Dark Meat: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 9

hulk turkeyleg

Say what you want about Jason Aaron’s run – it started off with such promise!  A tribe of Mole People with the Hulk as their provider?  Eating the leg off of a freshly killed oversized creature was awesome!  Of course, the Hulk was going to take the biggest portion – that’s just the way it is.  Years earlier, Adam Kubert started his run very much like this – but the scene was a lot more graphic – and way cooler.  It will be part of this year – but it will have to wait…