Banner is BACK!


I truly love my gammabros – all day I have been getting messages on my Facebook, emails and even comments here telling me that Banner is back!  A new title to be coming in June called The Immortal Hulk – looks real good!  If you read the interview on CBR it sounds like it’s going to kick all sorts of ass!  I can’t wait!

Anyone else hear about this?  What do you guys think?

9 responses to “Banner is BACK!

  1. I am so looking forward to this !! -it’s been WAAAAY Too LONG-wonder how many “variants” there will be that I’ll NEED to get?-What’s up Ryan?

  2. Oh wow!! This is the first I’m hearing about this and I’m so excited. This looks awesome. Can not wait! Have they announced a release date for it yet?

  3. Hey Ryan-Yep already purchased my “ZAPP-PASS”…

  4. Cool cover. Based on Hulk 105 I believe.

  5. That pinky toe is mysteriously emitting gamma! Yes, this sounds to be pretty awesome. I wonder if his strength and other attributes will be affected by this back from the dead / nighttime reemergence. And does that mean he won’t be seen in daylight, no matter what? But when Marvel says “Immortal” I’m thinking that they only want to find ways around being Immortal. Think Nightmare may be behind any of this? If this takes hold, maybe they’ll revive the Hulk from the TV show too!

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