Diamond Select Gladiator Hulk Statue (2017)

IMG_0901 (2)

With all the merchandise rolling out for Avengers: Infinity War and realizing that we will not be seeing much of Hulk anything I’m glad we were being served such a huge dose from the last Thor entry.  It seems everyone is releasing something based off the Gladiator Hulk.  These days it looks to be Diamond Select filling that slot for affordable but impressive looking statues.

IMG_0895 (2)

IMG_0897 (2)

What used to be dominated by Bowen Designs – and hopefully we will see his return someday – the smaller scale statues seem to be going the way of the Dodo.  Sideshow and others all focus on 1/4 or larger – and while impressive – these gargantuan pieces take up a lot of space and cost close to a mortgage payment.  That’s why Diamond Select taking up the mantle with pieces under $100 was so refreshing!

IMG_0896 (2)

IMG_0899 (2)

While these statues are fantastic for what you get – keep in mind you will not be seeing the kind of detail you do in more expensive pieces. Still, these pieces do look good!  Real good!  Keep in mind, these are mostly solid pieces – but here you have to insert the battle axe and hammer into his hand.  The paint application on this statue in pretty fantastic as well with a lot of different colors plastering the base and adorning our favorite green goliath!

IMG_0898 (2)


With this being one of the bigger statues that Diamond has released it runs a little higher than normal retail for this line.  But at only $50 you really can’t go wrong!  Go out and get this sucker, if you haven’t already!

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