TRU Exclusive Clear “Bloody” Predator (2017)

IMG_1039 (2)

Truly, I can’t understand why these Dorbz aren’t more popular!  I mean, they take up less space then the Pop figures do AND they have some of the same variants bot look cooler!  I’m not saying every figure looks better all small squished together but, seriously, the Pop Predator never looked right to me.  I think the Dorbz is better by far – but the best part os the bloody mess they spray onto the figure.

IMG_1024 (2)

IMG_1025 (2)

Not only is it the greeninsh color the Predator bled but it also glows – much like the character did in the movie!  The only thing I hope is that they decide to make a Dutch to go with this little guy.  They probably need Arnold’s permission and he isn’t cheap.  Either way – this was a homerun – nice job TRU!

IMG_1026 (2)

IMG_1040 (2)

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