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Avengers: Inifinty War Titan Heroes Hulk (2018)

IMG_1123 (2)

This is another action figure line that we know what to expect.  No real articulation and basic paint applications – but it’s the Hulk!  Hasbro has once again raised the price on the newer figures.  The Hulk was always a bit pricier – $12.99 vs the regular $9.99 – but now expect to pay $14.99 for a Hulk.  The joints are a bit of an improvement though – we now get a swivel joint that allows the arms to rotate rather than just go up and down.

IMG_1124 (2)

I do like the art on the box a lot better – I’m just hoping the Hulk has a bigger role than what we seem to be given in the trailers.  I would love to see another Hulk/Loki moment in the new movie.  With a movie chock full heroes and characters who all need screen time I’m not sure how exactly they will pace it out.  I have high hopes though!

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