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MiniMates Avengers: Infinity War Hulk (2018)

IMG_1144 (2)

I am looking forward to seeing this epic film – I feel comfortable already calling it an epic because I have all the faith in the world in it – I just wish I knew how much the Hulk would be in it.  The trailers don’t seem to offer any real clue but we do know he’s in it!  The Hulk should be used as a powerhouse against any and all foes but I know fitting 70 different characters might be a bit of a challenge.

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Mark Ruffalo is not an actor to shy away from age – which is why the Hulk seems to be greying on the sides.  I’m not really feeling it though – but I will, as I feel we should all do, is wait until seeing the movie to really judge.  I do love the packaging though – Thanos looks totally bad ass!  I found this at Walgreens a couple of weeks ago for $8.  While the movie version of Iron Spider is not a character I really care too much about I don’t mind him being paired with the Hulk here.

IMG_1145 (2)