Eaglemoss Gladiator Hulk (2017)

IMG_0934 (2)

IMG_0936 (2)

It’s hard to put these little guys into a category.  They are on the smaller side the detailed sculpts and the solid weight that accompany pieces such as this are outstanding!  The paint application could be a bit better – but honestly, these are beautiful tiny statues to own!  I like this series of figures because you not only get the detailed piece but it also get the added bonus of a booklet, or as they call it, a “Fact File”.

IMG_0938 (2)


The books delve deep into the characters history and show off some of the most memorable highlights.  For the Gladiator Hulk it isn’t so hard – or all that intricate – because really, he only appears in the Planet Hulk storyline.  This figure especially was worth the price due to exclusivity to the Hulk continuity.  This, by all measure of standards, was the last great Hulk storyline.

IMG_0941 (2)


Every detail that matters is on this character… save one.  One of the most important details tot eh whole story!  One of the most overlooked details!  The all important obedience disc!  How they could omit such a crucial detail is beyond me – the only real saving grace is the fact that the Hulk does loose the disc within the story – so it’s not a total travesty!  My only other complaint about it is that the paint job could of been a bit more precise.  Just a fraction more attention to detail and I would suggest every gammabro make sure to get this piece – as it is, while I like it, it isn’t a “must have”.

IMG_0942 (2)

IMG_0940 (2)

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