All the News on Immortal Hulk!

Notice all the variants – I will probably be skipping the remastered covers.  Even when it’s a Sal Buscema remastered cover.  I’ve sort of lost my taste for the ultra rare or colorless (they call them B&W or “sketch”) covers.  It’s hard to justify spending the type of cash you need to acquire these coversContinue reading “All the News on Immortal Hulk!”

Silver Surfer Thanos Figure (1997)

I am gearing up for Infinity War just as I bet many of you are.  I picked this Thanos up many, many years ago and just found it again recently.  I think this was one of the earliest Thanos figures to be produced – besides the 1995 Fantastic Four figure.  The biggest rub was thatContinue reading “Silver Surfer Thanos Figure (1997)”