Jason Vorhees Softs (2017)

IMG_1107 (2)

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and the best slasher films that the 80’s had to offer has to go to the Friday the 13th series.  Jason Vorhees not only had the best back story but also the most inventive deaths.  Sure… as the series progressed to the 7th and 8th instalments they may have gotten a little “long in the tooth” but I loved Jason goes to Hell AND Jason X.  For me though, nothing compares to Part 4 – the incorrectly names Final Friday.  That is easily the best of the entire run!  For all the love I have for these movies I’ve picked up only a select few of my favorite pieces, including these two plushes.

IMG_1106 (2)

I know there are more softs out there but I just picked up these – the Fabrications was a must due to the ability to remove the mask and see the gruesome features underneath! Some of the softs have the mask attached or sewn on – big mistake in my opinion – one of the must haves for a cool figure is the grotesque face underneath the iconic mask!  How could you not?  Of all the memorabilia from the Friday series – these two might not be my favorite but they are certainly the most adorable!

IMG_1108 (2)

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