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In Case You Missed It – Round 10

CCI04112018_0007 (2)

Welcome to the week of Hulk on the cover – yet no Hulk to speak of IN the actual books!  Above is a funny but odd choice of a cover for Spider-Man vs Deadpool #31 – no Hulk in the pages of the book – but I appreciate the cover!

CCI04112018_0002 (2)

Next, after some awesome Hulk violence in the pages of Thanos last issue, we just get a recreation of the Hulk vs Venom variant cover for issue #18!  Again – no Hulk in the book – but a great cover none the less!

Captain America #699 had a quick appearance with Banner Hulk but landmark issue #700 has the Hulk on the cover but lacking any sight of the Hulk IN the actual book!  But, finally, we get to a book where the Hulk appears, albeit it briefly, IN the book!  Avengers #688 where the Hulk takes on the Challenger.  Things fare as well as you’d expect – but it’s still pretty great.

CCI04112018_0004 (2)

Sage Truth: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 16


You can almost take this out of context as the Hulk is a cannibal.  I mean, you have to try really hard – but the implication is there!