In Case You Missed It – Round 10

CCI04112018_0007 (2)

Welcome to the week of Hulk on the cover – yet no Hulk to speak of IN the actual books!  Above is a funny but odd choice of a cover for Spider-Man vs Deadpool #31 – no Hulk in the pages of the book – but I appreciate the cover!

CCI04112018_0002 (2)

Next, after some awesome Hulk violence in the pages of Thanos last issue, we just get a recreation of the Hulk vs Venom variant cover for issue #18!  Again – no Hulk in the book – but a great cover none the less!

Captain America #699 had a quick appearance with Banner Hulk but landmark issue #700 has the Hulk on the cover but lacking any sight of the Hulk IN the actual book!  But, finally, we get to a book where the Hulk appears, albeit it briefly, IN the book!  Avengers #688 where the Hulk takes on the Challenger.  Things fare as well as you’d expect – but it’s still pretty great.

CCI04112018_0004 (2)

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2 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – Round 10

  1. was not happy with the art on this at all… what happened to the glowing eyes too… am thrilled, however, that the real Hulk is back… have been out of the loop …. please tell me that Cho Hulk exists no longer .

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