Hulk Clutch and Pop (2018)

IMG_1072 (2)

On a trip to seek out if the new Thanos or any of the Avengers toys were out yet I came across this little Hulk treasure.  When I saw it I thought nothing could be better than a toy where the Hulk fondled his balls!  This little toy is so much more than a punchline though – it’s also a weapon!  One where no eyeball is safe!

IMG_1073 (2)

See, what you do is take a little soft ball and shove it deep into the Hulk’s hole.  Then you squeeze the Hulk with all the might you can muster to make the ball come hurtling out of the front is his hands.  If aimed correctly you can easily take out an eye or, if real lucky, an open mouth and make someone choke!

IMG_1075 (2)

I’m just kidding, really!  This toy is super cool! The sculpt is actually really quite well done!  Bonus – you can lose two of the balls and no worries, you can still play with the toy because Hulk comes with extra balls!  A third ball, if you will!

IMG_1076 (2)

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