WalMart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos (2018)

IMG_1151 (2)

I have stated how much I love the Marvel Legends figures, especially when they are comic accurate, and the latest WalMart exclusive does just that.  I know that the figure is a repaint of the BAF from the Avengers line.  While I have mixed feelings on the idea of Hasbro re-packaging BAF to buy them singularly I do have to say seeing THIS particular figure I am so glad they did it!

IMG_1153 (2)

IMG_1154 (2)

Giving us a complete – and better – repaint with a brighter blue and deeper purple the figure strikes a much better resemblance to the Thanos we know from the pages of the Infinity Gauntlet and beyond.  The packaging is even eye-catching with some great comic art on the sides and a Gauntlet featured on the top.  The other amazing gift we’ve been given in this new package is an extra head to swap and of course the most important piece – an Infinty Gauntlet.

IMG_1157 (2)

IMG_1150 (2)

This is the sort of exclusive to get excited about.  When the new figure not only dwarfs, in comparison, to the original but offers a something extra I don’t hesitate for a second to shell out the extra money for it.  I don’t have an extra to open so I can’t really speak of the paint application – although it looks to be fantastic!

IMG_1152 (2)

IMG_1158 (2)

While the new BAF Thanos is certainly the most movie accurate I would take the new exclusive version every time!  This is already going for some major money on eBay – I can’t tell the future but I think this will be highly sought after for years to come.  I have to thank my friend Ted who was able to snag me an extra one on one so I didn’t have to shell out the extra dough to the scalpers.  WalMart is notorious for having spotty exclusive releases where not every store receives them so finding this guy will prove to be a bit of a challenge for some.  Who out there was able to track one of these great figures down?

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