Avengers: Infinity War BAF Thanos (2018)

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With Avengers: Infinity War hitting tomorrow let’s take a look at the new Thanos Build-a-Figure from the Marvel Legends line.  The last figure was from the Age of Ultron movie and it was before we really got a shot of what the Mad Titan really looked like.  Now, with a more clear vision Marvel has finally shown us what to expect.  A lot of people on the interwebs have been complaining that Thanos’ head looks too much like a California Raisin.  I am here to say… those people are totally correct – I hate to say it but t truly does look so much like a California Raisin as I was putting this guy together “I heard it Through the Grape Vine” was playing in my head.

IMG_1134 (2)

The last Thanos, while not perfect, was still pretty great.  So much so that I am looking forward to getting the WalMart exclusive that is a basic repaint (and comes with a gauntlet).  Still, this new BAF is larger and sculpted to look much like the movie version of Thanos – but that’s where the real compliments end.

IMG_1137 (2)

The look of this figure is too drab and the skin has no texture so it looks very plastic.  With the gold highlights there was a regal, almost arrogant look which fit Thanos perfectly.  Here he is almost monotone.  He and his leather pants looks like he’s ready to double date with Ross Gellar…

IMG_1139 (2)

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t buy all the figures to complete this Thanos – but I will say this… if you’re not a completest and want a great Thanos figure then buy the Marvel Select.  Still one of the best Thanos figures to grace the shelves ever.  Plus the MS comes with Death – so… bonus!

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