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GameStop Exclusive Hulking Out of the Hulkbuster Pop Figure (2018)

IMG_1258 (2)

While it’s true this scene did not appear in the new Avengers movie I am optimistic about part 2.  The Hulk was served a raw deal in this new movie but the rest of the film was too good to focus on the negative.  After seeing the movie it makes sense that the Hulk offerings are also pretty sparse when it comes to merchandising.  Seeing as our favorite Jade Jaws appears in a total of 5 unfavorable minutes it’s probably best we don’t recall his cameo at all.

By the way – if you have yet to see the new Avengers you should absolutely stop reading!  In fact, it’s also advisable to not read the above paragraph either.  If you did already… my bad.  I don’t know about you but I was definitely waiting for a great scene like the one that is illustrated in this piece.  Even though it doesn’t happen yet I can still see this occurring and it being a total badass moment!

I’m still pretty excited that Funko released this Pop figure.  It is both slightly larger than a regular Pop AND still on a smaller sale than the regular Pops.  I was lucky enough to score this guy due to having a contact at GameStop – seeing as reports are saying most stores are only receiving 3 of them, if any at all.  I hope all my Gammabros out there were able to snag one!  Don’t get suckered into the second hand prices that the scalpers are charging.  It’s always demoralizing seeing just how many of these cool pieces end up in flippers hands.  Right now they are ranging between $35-$70 on eBay.  GameStop retails them or just $18.99.

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