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Lego Duplo Hulk (2018)

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I am happy to find the unique Hulk related items.  While Lego isn’t exactly unique or even new I had yet to find a Duplo Hulk like this.  It is part of a larger set but the only thing I even needed was this toddler looking Hulk with a Hulk computer/monitor.  Lego always kills it with every set they create and while I would agree this may not be for everyone it still is a fantastic piece.

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Look at the details they have added!  This little guy is completely jacked!  Obviously Joss Whedon did not have any say in the design of this toy.  This is a nod to the fact that he made the Hulk from Avengers a little puffy.  Jokes really aren’t funny if you have to explain them and now I’ve ruined this joke.  Although, I really feel it needed the explanation so that everyone understood it.  Boy, the longer I go on the less funny it becomes… this whole paragraph is a disaster.  You should probably just skip it.

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I remember back in 2007 Play Town released some wooden figures that I have yet to see anything like it since. I picked this up because I can’t imagine seeing something much like this again in the future.  While I truly understand that everyone’s knowledge of the Hulk mainly hold to the green incarnation I would love to see Lego release a grey version of the Hulk.

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Who else out there decided to get something like this?  Did you go out and get the whole set like me or did you decide to go another route like eBay?

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