Daily Archives: May 16, 2018

What Size Suits You? (That’s What She Said?)


I  always thought bigger was better – and most of the time it still stands – but I do have to say that the 3 3/4″ figures are nothing to slouch at.  The only thing that the 3 3/4″ scale has going against it is the price point.  Truly, even with as much articulation and the fantastic paint applications that the figures offer there is no way the figures should break $8.  Unfortunately, for the line, they aggressively increased prices to a whopping $13.

On the other hand, Marvel Legends truly give us one of the best toy lines ever.  The variety and sheer scope of the figures they have created is easily the most impressive pieces of this whole line.  This is a line that started with Toy Biz (with many thinking the TB years were the most superior) and continued with Hasbro where the figures continued to get more and more detailed.  Another great aspect of this line was when they decided to add in pieces to create larger figures.  This was amazing for the few lines especially as they gave us larger figures in a 6″ scale like Galactus and a Sentinal or Apocalypse.  Again, the only real downfall is the aggressive price increases until we reached the apex of today which is $20.

Now the Marvel Select figures easily dominate, in size, all of the other lines that Marvel offers.  The accompanying diorama pieces or accessories easily make these figures worth the prices that have stayed steady at $25.  The only lacking aspect with Marvel Selects is the range of characters.  While they are always adding on to this expanding line usually they add just 7-13 figures annually.  I should also mention that they have already repeated characters multiple times.

So which figures do you guys prefer?  Which scale is best, in your opinion?  I would love to hear multiple points of view – let me know in the comments!