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Ash Soft (2017)

IMG_1109 (2)

I find the plushes – or “softs” as we call them in our house – pretty awesome when they create them of classic heroes (and some villains).  Ash in general has been a favorite of mine since high school when I first saw Evil Dead.  I was 14 and my brother made me close my eyes during the tree rape scene.  It was much more gruesome in my mind than it was in the movie when I saw it years later.  I don’t know why they do that sometimes – make the younger folks close their eyes due to nudity – but I was a pretty imaginative kid so the things I can conjure in my head were far worse than what was on the VCR tape.  Either way I was psyched to see that Ash not only remained in the lexicon of pop culture but is still going strong these days with Ash vs The Evil Dead.