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Gargamel and Azrael POP! (2017)

IMG_1068 (2)

I do pick up a few Pop figures that jump the realm of Hulk – or Marvel in general – and when I saw Gargamel sitting on the shelf I knew I had to have him!  As a kid I watched Smurfs every Saturday morning with Gargamel conniving to eat the little blue blobby creatures.  Who can blame him?  Can you imagine what the Smurfs taste like?  They are most likely super delicious!  Actually, can you imagine having an enemy who wants to eat you?  How terrifying is that?  Not to mention, to have a cat who also took over the mantle of Batman back in the 90’s?  Getting these Pops make me wish that Marvel could create figures that are not bobble heads!

IMG_1069 (2)