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Alien & Facehugger Dorbz (2018)

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The new TRU exclusive Dorbz is both awesome and unexpected!  I was pleasantly surprised when I found the clear “Bloody” Dorbz but they outdid themselves when I saw the Alien inspired Facehugger exclusive!  The character with the baby Xenomorph attached to his face is just so great – still one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history!  I also found a grown up Xenomorph.

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IMG_1060 (2)

It has to be said that these alien creatures had to be one of the coolest alien designs ever.  I love the original and the sequel – granted the follow ups have not been spectacular – but I love Prometheus and Covenant.  Either way, I am really glad they have been extending their horror and Sci-Fi in the Dorbz line.

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All they really had to do was add the features that make this character so original – the extending mouth, that whipping tail and the tubes on the back – needless to say – they nailed it!  The Facehugger gripped around the noggin of it’s victim looks so great.  TRU really kills it here with the exclusives!  The only other Xenomorph is a blood splattered one that is a Chase.  I’m not sure I need that but either way I am happy to have these!

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