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Kid Robot Hulk Soft (2017)

IMG_1198 (2)

Even trying to collect the many, many Hulk plushes would prove to be a real challenge.  I have pretty much given up on trying to get them all and have decided to just pick up the ones that I feel are unique or at least done well enough to have a place in the Hulk collection.  This Kid Robot Hulk stood out to me mainly due to the genuinely devilish look on his face.  It’s not an angry look and it’s certainly more sinister or sly like he’s trying to get away with something.

IMG_1199 (2)

The softs are definitely something to acquire if you’re truly into getting great Hulk pieces to display.  They present so well and they are hilariously fun!  I have to say, while I don’t think the Hulk usually has a malicious bone in his body this stuffed Hulk displays in a way that no other soft Hulk does.

IMG_1200 (2)