Daily Archives: June 22, 2018

Hulk Boogie Board (2018)

IMG_1259 (2)

I had to look back to see the other Hulk boogie board I had found back in 1999.  While I know I still have it somewhere it’s sort of buried in the greatness of the Hulk room.  I love the original image but this one isn’t too bad either.  I know I am sort of a dinosaur but I get more excited when I see a classic image of the Hulk rather than the more present day Hulk that always seems to be shilling for the Avengers MCU.

IMG_1259 (3)

I really do love fun pieces like this when adding things to the Hulk collection.  With almost 20 years between the purchases of these boogie boards I would say if I see another I may have to just pass.  I love it but I’m pretty sure I don’t need three – let alone the two I have – boogie boards that I will never use!  I found this at TRU in Kingston – in one of it’s last days open.  I will truly miss that store.

IMG_1261 (2)