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Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster Pop! (2018)

IMG_1300 (2)

There are so many different emotions when you think about the latest Avengers movie.  While it was an amazing translation from comic to screen it was also a low point in the Hulk’s silver screen life.  Bruce Banner does sport the Hulkbuster in this movie so his inclusion in the Hulk room is totally justified beyond a simple rival.

IMG_1298 (2)

This Pop figure is a better representation than the original Pop that was offered in the very first Marvel Collector’s Corp.  This more stylistic version of the figure reminds me of the amazing art of Chris Uminga.  Look for his work – if you’re not familiar you won’t be disappointed!  This Hulkbuster doesn’t really follow the large head, tiny body format that the Pops are so known for.  What would have been amazing would be an opening helmet feature with a tiny Bruce Banner inside – much like the Gamestop exclusive Hulk bursting out of the armor released a few months ago.

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