Hulk vs Venom (1994) – The Review

CCI07142018 (2)

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Pencils / Ink Jim Craig / Bill Anderson
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:

What I paid:

$2.50 – UNICHEF Mail Away

$29.99 – $45.00 / Graded 9.8: (Signed by Stan Lee) $399.99


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Peter David was easily one of the most memorable Hulk writers in history. His legendary 12 year run saw some of the most shocking and lasting changes in the Hulk personas. He gave us quite a few other Hulk projects including one-shots, mini-series and novels in that time period. One such project is this Unichef mail away where a villain with the self titled moniker of “Dr. Bad Vibes” promises death and destruction in the form of earthquakes! Terrible nickname aside, when everyone laughs the threat off the bad guy delivers a devastating quake. Shockingly, it rips roads apart and crumbles buildings and sends some people to their death and others looting!

CCI07142018_0002 (2)

Luckily – or unluckily for some – Venom is nearby and decides to help – with his own brand of vigilantism. He rescues this whiny kid from being roasted alive in a burning car and then tosses the car back down the ravine when the family claps back at Venom for ripping the door off while getting the person out. I know some people would just make a claim with their insurance and be done with it – but I feel the family’s pain! Those deductibles can be steep!

CCI07142018_0002 (3)

Venom continues to follow the screams and comes across the Hulk. He mistakes the Hulk’s presence for the cause of the earthquakes and the two begin to battle. The better part is the quips the two trade as they slam each other around.

CCI07142018_0003 (2)

CCI07142018_0004 (2)

The Hulk takes the victory when his thunderclap proves too much for Venom to handle. The two heroes – and with Venom we use that term lightly – decide the best way to handle this new threat is to goad him on the news. When the psycho calls into the station the Hulk traces the call and they go confront the new nemesis.

CCI07142018_0006 (3)

Unfortunately, the bad guy turns out to be a crazy guy with a carboard box and some Crayola markers. Turns out the guy just got lucky that a natural earthquake followed his first threat.

CCI07142018_0007 (2)

The comic shares both comical and cringeworthy moments – I mean, Peter David must’ve written this after an SNL binge because we don’t just get one reference:

CCI07142018_0001 (2)

We get two:

CCI07142018_0006 (4)

The battle between Venom and the Hulk is worth the read but ultimately the very hard to find issue falls short when the villain is finally revealed in the end. The biggest perks of the issue being the combined embossed AND foil cover and the classic 90’s art.

Key: First meeting between Hulk and Venom
Grade: Bag and Board It

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