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Gladiator Hulk Q Fig (2018)

IMG_1315 (2)

The Q-Figures are interesting.  The original Hulk Q-Fig was given away with Loot Crate and didn’t really generate a lot of interest.  The figure is fun but really small and kind of unimpressive.  Well the figures took a sharp turn into awesome-ville with the Thor: Ragnarok releases.  While there is a Thor figure I didn’t buy I did pick up the Hulk.  I picked up 2 actually – but keep reading for the reason why.

IMG_1308 (2)

IMG_1309 (2)

The Gladiator Hulk here is a stylized animated Hulk with a rageful, angry expression that was missing from too many of the other Hulk figures from this movie.  While this is a definite pick up for any serious Hulk collector I do have a small gripe.

IMG_1313 (2)

IMG_1312 (2)

IMG_1314 (2)

The “clouds” generated by his rampage are a bit too large and they divert your attention away from the figure where it really should be.  Other than that though – it really is a great piece!  I was able to acquire two for a reduced price due to the packages being slightly damaged.  Overall, you should go out to purchase this figure to add to your rooms of green!