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Venomized Hulk Pop! (2018)

hulk 039 (2)

Funko continues to step up their game.  The new series where the heroes are covered in the symbiote.  While all of them look pretty spectacular the Hulk/Venom Pop is easily the best!  The Hulk can be seen beneath the symbiote, the spiky tendrils wrap around our jade giant, turning him into a horrifying monster!  This figure is seriously brilliant in its execution.

While the Venom symbiote has the main bulk of this figure on display with it’s sharp teeth, claws and famous emblem across his chest.  While the other two heroes featured have already been covered and bonded with the alien parasite the Hulk has yet to be taken over.  This is the best part of the entire figure as it would make sense the symbiote would have a hard time completely

hulk 041