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Hulk Spinning Pencil Topper (1997)

hulk 038 (2)

This little giveaway is a two-fer.  I will explain: Not only do you get the little classic Hulk pencil topper that totally rocks you also get the mini-comic.  While that may not seem to be all that interesting keep in mind that just trying to purchase the mini-comic will set you back between $13-$25.  You could also do what I did which was just purchase a couple of sealed Hulks that contain the comic itself for $2 each.

hulk 037 (2)

The giveaways from the 1990s were so fantastic.  This particular piece comes from a set of 6 superhero themed figures from KFC.  The Hulk was my favorite but there were others that looked fun.  Wolverine on his humongous, yellow motorcycle and the Invisible Woman looked to be the better prizes.

hulk 036 (2)

hulk 035 (2)

Back in the day you had to hope to get the prize you wanted.  You couldn’t just ask for the specific figure.  At some point that changed and the workers behind the counters started to take pity on collectors and children who just received their seventh copy of the same crappy toy.  They even made the choices to offer buying the giveaways without having to purchase the kid’s meal at all.  Of course, who would do that?  Why wouldn’t you want a burger and fry with your toy?  Who are these people choosing to not munch on some fried chicken while getting a fantastic toy!hulk 034 (2)