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Carnage Pop (2018)

hulk 044 (2)

Earlier Pop figures are starting to raise in prices – especially the exclusive Pops from Walgreens such as Venom and Carnage.  They are trending right now at a whopping $50 smackaroos.  I’m really not ready to shell out that much for a Pop figure.  These adorable pieces of plastic still scream to me a little “Beanie Baby”.  While they are big business right now, in a few years we could be looking at worthless hunks of pop culture.  While I don’t hope that’s the direction we’re heading in I’ve been around too long to know that’s a definite possibility.  So, with the original Carnage commanding a huge secondary price I was happy to see they produced a new Carnage – and in my opinion – better Carnage that shows the symbiote oozing all over Cletus Cassidy.

hulk 045 (2)