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In Case You Missed It – Round 12

CCI08172018 (2)

I’m a bit late in posting these but in Spider-Geddon #1 we get a punk style Spider-Hulk hybrid of sorts.  Also, Multiple Man #3 still serves up doses of Multiple Man Hulk to enjoy – so get these issues that should still be on the stands!

CCI08172018_0002 (2)

CCI08172018_0003 (2)

Hulkbuster Soft (2018)

hulk 017 (2)

Back in my childhood days I would never had imagined they would have made a plush Hulkbuster.  Or hey, a plush Iron Man at all!  Unfortunately, the helmet doesn’t open up at all – and really – there isn’t really anything to this little guy other than his cuteness and soft, squishy body.  If that’s not something you’re interested in then skip this piece.  For me, I will gladly pair this up with the Gladiator Hulk soft that this company offered.

hulk 018 (2)