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TRU Vinyl Header (2018)

hulk 027 (2)

One of the last pieces to show off from the TRU days and one of the last pieces I was able to rescue from the dumpster.  I remember when these headers arrived at the store and the sheer excitement we had to put them up!  I’m just kidding – no one was happy to be given the extra work of putting headers on top of every aisle – although, everyone will admit afterwards, it did make the store look so much better!  These vinyl posters were used to hide overstock merchandise over the aisles.  Instead of seeing unsightly carboard boxes – perish the thought – we saw bright, colorful posters.

Can you name all the heroes featured?  I can tell you with all the certainty in the world that 90% of the children in the Marvel aisles could not.  They usually were stumped with at least 5 of them.  See if you can guess who!

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