TRU Marvel Topper (2018)

hulk 031 (2)

Yes, another piece from the demise of Toys R Us.  These cardboard advertisements hung above the Marvel aisle.  I was always happy to see that, even when the MCU began to dominate the toys, that the toppers never ignored the Hulk!  The Hulk is still one of the top selling characters that Marvel offers and it’s always great to see when they still recognize that.

hulk 033 (2)

These toppers are always two-sided for 4-foot and 3-foot spaces.  The 3-foot space had to knock out someone and it was refreshing to see Hulk made the cut and they sacrificed the God of Thunder instead.  I was happy to save these pieces from the bailer and give them a permanent home in the Hulk room!

hulk 032 (2)

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