TRU Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 5-Pack (2016)

hulk 012 (2)

I passed on this set for months as it sat in the Marvel aisle.  Most of the figures in this set were available to buy on their own – the only figure unique in this package is the overly large Groot.  You do get some extra guns and knives but overall, this set is not worth the $60 they were asking.  When the liquidation took hold I waited a long 2 months before this set was 90% off.  Yes, I finally took the plunge with this set when it cost a mere $6.

hulk 011 (2)

I might’ve jumped sooner if I hadn’t already bought the Rocket Raccoon figure months before this set was released.  Overall, I was happy to finally pick one of these up if for nothing else than the nostalgic factor.  I will miss TRU immensely and I think we’re all going to suffer when the once great exclusives get harder and harder to acquire.  Then again, it will also save us from seeing exclusives like this clutter up the shelves.

hulk 013 (2)

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