Daily Archives: September 18, 2018

Hulk Phone (2003)

IMG_1373 (2)

Sometimes, when people see my collection they offer me pieces – and I am more than happy to take them off their hands!  Of course, you know how people selling things online will say “Comes from a smoke-free home”?  There’s a reason – smoke clings to everything!  Smokers can’t smell it anymore but people who aren’t used to that odor are bombarded with that stench!

IMG_1374 (2)

Well, my friends, as nice as it was to receive this phone from a fan the problem was that it stinks to high heavens!  I never bothered to buy this piece when it came out – but I do love the number pad on the phone!  The tilted, and shaken numbers look like they’ve been through some stuff!  If the phone didn’t smell so bad this piece would be high up on my list of fun items – but since it does I keep it stashed away in the box in the cellar!

IMG_1375 (2)