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Greg Horn Exclusive Fantastic Four #1 (2018)

IMG_1383 (2)

One of the biggest reasons I went to Terrificon this year was to swing by and grab the Greg Horn exclusive cover of Fantastic Four #1.  While I am still on the fence about picking up this series I certainly did not want to miss out on this “1 Minute Later” inspired cover from the classic Fantastic Four #112.  Glad to see Greg Horn didn’t have either side really get the upper hand in the fight and just have the two frenemies striking each other.

I also opted to pick up both the regular and virgin variants.  I do love these new Virgin variants – they look so clean and nice!  I even went with a signature – which I don’t usually go for – on the regular cover (below).  Most people might have gone with the virgin variant for the sig, and Horn’s signature is artwork in itself, but I didn’t want anything to ruin the look of the clean cover!

IMG_1384 (2)