The Little Book of The Incredible Hulk (2018)

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From one of the largest books to one of the smallest!  This little book packs quite a wallop of history showing off classic panels and advertisements from the 55 year history.  I can’t recall a better collection of the best character from Marvel comics!

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Taschen has created a book here that any novice to expert should be able to glom some knowledge from.  Especially looking at the beautifully reprinted pages of, not just the single issues but also, the classic comic strip.  Rough sketches of classic covers, magazine covers, and sections from classis titles like Avengers, Defenders, Fantastic Four and, of course, the Incredible Hulk adorn this pocket sized treasure!

hulk new stuff 013 (2)

A section even covers the merchandise, the 70’s T.V. Hulk shows and the old Rampaging Hulk magazine.  If you see this book it is a definite pick up. If you’re curious about anything the Hulk has been through or what this character has done then this book is the something you need in your life!

hulk new stuff 014 (2)

One of the greatest thing is the many, many talented artists that have graced us with their talents are included in this book.  I’m even impressed by the amount of content that this piece packs!  Really, you can’t find anything else like this for less than $10 so this is the way to go!

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One thought on “The Little Book of The Incredible Hulk (2018)

  1. Yeah I saw this at my LCS and for $10 it’s not bad. A great little book with so much information. Even I learned a few things and discovered some new comics I missed. It’s perfect for someone just starting to collect and read the Hulk.

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