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Marvel Legends Venom Series (2018)

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I was on the fence for a while on whether or not I was going to pick up this series.  I knew that Carnage, Venom and Scream were a must but as for Spider-Ham, Poison and Typhoid Mary… well, I just wasn’t convinced they were worth the purchase.  These things are pricey now!  Well, as luck would have it my LCS had the Venom and Carnage quite early.  I was convinced at that point to just acquire Scream and be done with this series.

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Then I started seeing reviews of the BAF Monster Venom with everyone loving the behemoth of a figure!  When I came across the next figure of this series (Poison) in a local Walgreens I decided to grab it.  For one, it is the first time they ever made this figure, and for two, I loved the stories where these new alien creatures were introduced.  In fact, I’m still bummed they didn’t include a tiny poison to go with the set.

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Spider-Ham was an easy but once I saw the figure in hand.  When I saw Scream I was ecstatic as it was easily the hardest figure from this set to find.  Now, I didn’t buy a Typhoid Mary and honestly I don’t think I would have but a good friend’s son did find a Typhoid Mary but wasn’t getting the rest of the set so now I had the means to build the BAF I had heard so much about!

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I wasn’t disappointed as the BAF is truly massive and bad ass!  Of course, the sculpt is amazing – I love the screaming tongue and lashing tongue – and it reminds me of the Venom that Queseda drew for Venom #1 (2011).  I do love the figure but this entire series was plagued with some sloppy paint applications and slight sculpting issues.  For example, the Eddie Brock head is a scoosh too large for the Venom body.  But for every misstep there are other amazing pieces!

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The Carnage figure is actually and surprisingly an improved figure from the 2014 offering.  I loved the original and didn’t think they could do much to make a new Carnage figure better – but the axe hand and extra “Cletus” head was certainly enough to win me over!

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I am enthusiastically happy with the set and even the though it wasn’t perfect I think the response has been overwhelmingly positive.