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Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (2018)

nonhulk 001 (2)

Like I mentioned with the ML Thing I posted a few weeks back, man am I glad that Walgreen’s got into the Marvel game!  I had yet to find a Silver Surfer figure that I really enjoyed.  Either the silver wasn’t silver enough or the sculpt wasn’t right.  Of course, then Walgreen’s announced a Surfer figure and from the first moment pics were released the internet was a buzz!  The Surfer figure killed it on so many levels!  The coloring is great and the fact that the we get 3 sets of hands is just killer!  Honestly, the power accessories don’t much look like something the power cosmic would produce but that small complaint isn’t enough to make me not recommend the figure.  They are appearing pretty much everywhere so go out and grab it today!

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