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Hulk Pocket Books! (Various)

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There is nothing I love more than some of the offerings from yesteryear with new ways to read our favorite character!  Wile I have posted about these books before I did pick up a few more and thought it would be fun to show them off!  The best part about this reprinting of the first 6 issues is that #1 is re-colored from grey to green!

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I have a few books that don’t JUST feature the Hulk – one of the classic matches: Batman vs Hulk is collected into pocket size and while this isn’t the best showcase of the Hulk’s powers it is a beautifully drawn story that really rocks!  If you’re looking for a collection of stories with a plethora of different heroes then Marvel Novel Series #9 is your answer!  It has an Avengers, Daredevil, X-Men AND Hulk story!  Fun fact: the story in this book was originally published as a comic in issues #197 & #198.

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Moving on, more novelization Hulk stories in these two: a Harlan Ellison story AND one called Cry of the Beast.  Both of these copies are fantastic fun and if you have yet o pick them up then get your act together and order them today!

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If your taste only lies with the comics then you can still buy the two below to have your comic fix!  The only downside for the book on the left is that it is in black and white – but some people have no problems with that!

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I did pick up a couple more early marvel books including the first two volumes of Amazing Spider-Man and also volume 1 of Fantastic Four and finally an illustrated version of the original Star Wars!

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