Daily Archives: November 6, 2018

Chrome (Gold) Hulk POP! (2018)

new hulk 002 (2)

I know that these variants are easy ways for companies to make money just simply repainting an already used sculpt but I have to say – I love the shiny new look!  The “chrome” aspect is absolutely fantastic and I could not wait to find one!  A local LCS has been getting these pieces in and charging an absolute premium on them at a whopping $20!  But venturing into a Gamestop one night and asking for this piece the clerk called over to his “sister” store at a nearby mall.  Well, my luck must have been working overtime that day as the store in the mall had just ONE left!  I rushed to the mall and the bought this hard to photograph guy for just $11!

new hulk 001 (2)