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Marvel Legends Thursday!

nonhulk 004 (2)

A few of the other Marvel Legends I was able to procure really have nothing to do with the Hulk but they are still worth showing off!  The first is the Mysterio figure released last year.  This very hard to find figure has a even rarer counterpart sporting a green head underneath the fishbowl helmet.  I was never able to locate the green head variant but was still excited to snag a white-head Mysterio.  I have only seen one out in the wild and bought it when I did – thank goodness!  While I had almost completed a full Lizard BAF I wrestled with the thought of busting this open for the left leg.

nonhulk 014 (3)

Ultimately, I chose to keep Mysterio in the package and bought an extra leg off of ebay.  Mysterio is still one of my favorite Spider-Man villains so I wanted to keep the figure pristine!  Moving on, I was able to find a few older figures from series once forgotten.  The first is Warlock with an alternate head to make the Magus – an amazing duel character at the center of some of the greatest Marvel event stories ever!

nonhulk 016 (2)

From the same series I bought the unique Death’s Head II.  I haven’t read very much that Death’s Head has appeared and truthfully, I have no real desire to do such – but the character design is so original and cool that the figure was too hard to ignore!  Another main reason to pick this guy up was the fact that this is the first time this particular character was cast in plastic!

nonhulk 013 (2)

I also have the Rocket and Groot 2-pack from GotG Vol 2.  I have picked up pretty much every Rocket figure due to the significance to Hulk history that he shares and really like the Groot figures that have been released with him.  This Rocket has a different body sculpt than the first movie and of course Groot comes with his nifty red jump suit.

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