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Toy Box Grey Hulk Figure (2018)

hulkish 001 (2)

Last year or so we were gifted a new Hulk figure from The Disney Store.  An exclusive, stylized figure that was a really nice surprise.  Now we are given another surprise that hits all the right marks!  It is the new Toy Box Hulk – this time a ceremonial Grey Hulk – that sports a new head sculpt.  A screaming, rage filled Grey Hulk!  There are a few things that really make these figures exciting to own but first let’s get into how well this piece is made.

hulkish 004 (2)

hulkish 005 (2)

Both the Grey and the Green Hulk are substantial figures with a good amount of weight to them.  They have 8 points of articulation with full motion of the shoulders and waist.  While the paint apps are pretty standard and flat they still compliment what is essentially a cartoon come to life.  I do appreciate the slight greenish color they add to his eyes to make you remember of the other furious personality bubbling under the surface.

hulkish 002 (2)

I sort of wish they would have given us a new color with the pants – a blue would be more appropriate – but I understand why that would have been more difficult seeing as they re-used the body of the green counterpart.  It still comes with the bent pipe accessory that the green figure did.  Overall, I’d say this figure is worth the pick up.  An exclusive to the Disney Store the only way to get these beauties are in store or on the website.  Did anyone else get one of these figures?  What do you think?  Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

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