Daily Archives: November 13, 2018

Korg with Miek POP! (2018)

new hulk 003 (2)

You know when it’s time to celebrate when NYCC arrives!  Every year the con hosts some of the best collectibles of the industry – with Funko being pretty front and center!  I know these POP figures will most likely go the way of Beanie Babies one day but I do enjoy collecting some – especially when they relate directly to the Hulk!  I was surprised and happy to find a regular Korg POP a while back – not realizing that they were even planning on releasing tat character – and to follow up with that they released an exclusive Korg with Miek POP!

Of course, I’m not entirely sure why they bother with the whole “Exclusive” thing seeing as a few weeks after the convention the exclusives all seem to make it into retail shops.  These guys were at Gamestop with a bunch of other Fall Convention Exclusives – all pretty available!  The only other exclusive I was interested in was the Carnage Exclusive POPs – but you’ll have to wait and see if they get posted to see if I was able to procure those!

new hulk 001