In Case You Missed It… Round 13

CCI11122018_0001 (2)CCI11122018 (2)

Yes, Old Man Logan has had the Maestro for the past few months – and although I disagree with the ending – don’t worry, no spoilers, It was still a fun ride.  Also the Hulk is appearing in the so-so Infinity Wars so pick up issues 4 & 5,  Also, Sleepwalker – he’s in that too.  Man, he’s just everywhere now that he’s back!

CCI11122018_0002 (2)

CCI11122018_0005 (2)

CCI11122018_0004 (2)

Don’t forget issues 2 & 3 of the new Fantastic Four series also has this cameo:

CCI11152018 (2)

CCI11152018_0001 (2)

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