Marvel Legends Lizard BAF (2018)

hulkyhulk 008 (2)

This BAF I was on the fence about it for a long time.  I had the head because I grabbed Lasher when he was released.  I wanted Mysterio but he was quite difficult to find – but thankfully found him at one of my LCS.  From there I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get the rest of this BAF because I had no desire to get Spider-woman, Prowler, Spider-Punk, Spider Noir AND especially Gwenpool! Neither was any of my figure collecting friends.  So I had the head and the left leg – which I refused to take out of the package because Mysterio was so difficult to find!

hulkyhulk 010 (2)

My luck sort of changed when there was a collection of action figures brought into a local toy shop.  The owner was talking to the person selling the figures and he said he didn’t want any of the loose figures or pieces.  The man said he had no use for them so just to throw them away then.  I immediately said I would take them and the man selling the collection handed me the bag saying “$10”.  I argued he was just going to throw them away and he said that it was his property he could do what he wishes with it.  I told him I could just wait and take it out of the trash and after a few more back and forth arguments we came to an agreement of just $5.

hulkyhulk 011 (2)

Keep in mind, I had no idea what was in the bag – all I knew was it was Marvel figures.  Turns out I had 12 figures and 6 BAF pieces including a torso, right leg and left arm to this BAF.  I was psyched and it renewed my excitement to try to collect the rest of the pieces.  One of my figure collecting friends that I mentioned before decided to get the Gwenpool figure.  I have no idea why either… the good news is that he handed me the tail I desperately needed!  All I needed now was the right arm!  Spider-Punk!  For here I had no choice but to turn to eBay.  With all of the pieces assembeled I thought I would build the Lizard and reflect on it’s amazingness – but something made me refuse to open Mysterio.  I continued to debate whether or not I should just bite the bullet and finish the Lizard but I just couldn’t do it.  Finally, I went back to eBay to get another left leg so that I may keep Mysterio in tact.

hulkyhulk 009 (2)

Unfortunately, the people on the ‘bay were insane asking between $12-$20 for the leg.  I started figuring it was a lost cause and had this incomplete figure sitting in my office as a glaring aggravation.  I have preached patience in this hobby so many times and that it will eventually work out.  Well, I am letting you all know that sure enough I waited and someone put a left leg for this figure on eBay for $8.  While that’s more than I spent on any other piece (besides Lasher – which I paid retail) but it was worth it because I love this figure!  It’s easy to pose and the detail is amazing!  Yes, it is not exactly a classic representation but I am fine with this new version!  Some have complained it looks too much like a dinosaur and not like the Lizard we’ve all grown up with and adored.  I don’t mind this at all.  The torn short, the huge lashing tongue adds to the awesomeness of this character.  Another impressive BAF in a time where the BAF have continued to impress.

One response to “Marvel Legends Lizard BAF (2018)

  1. I used to buy whole series in order to make sure collecting the BAF I like.

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