Funko Pop! Groot with Stormbreaker (2018)

christmas hulk 005 (2)

This year it seems that Funko really stepped up their game with their most popular line – the Funko Pops.  This excellent representation of teenage Groot making the move to be the hero and supplying the handle to Stormbreaker.  One of the cooler moments in the latest Avengers movie which had practically every hero that the MCU offers – it’s hard to make every character stand out.  With Groot, this definitely gave the prepubescent twig a moment to shine!

christmas hulk 004 (2)

The real gems are the details littering the characters.  The mossy green top and the almost translucent axe that makes the deadly end of Stormbreaker made this Pop a must have!  Groot Pops, in my opinion, are hit or miss with this and the recent Holiday Groot are fantastic additions to any Funko collection!

christmas hulk 003 (2)

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