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Hulk Pressure Pump Water Blaster (2017)

mike hulk 019 (2)

I remember when I was a kid and water guns required you to pump the trigger over and over just to get a small amount of water to shoot out lightly moisten the intended target.  When Super Soakers were first introduced they were ushering in a new age!  Of course, the first generation water guns leaked like crazy – and they’ve only gotten better with every new release.  Now there are too many imitators out there – but don’t be fooled!  The genuine article is the only one really worth it – of course, the real article doesn’t usually  have licensed characters on them… so you sort of lose either way…

Carnage Exclusive Pop! Figures (2018)

hulkyhulk 023 (2)

I loved the latest round of Venom Pop! figures that Funko released.  The Pop! that has Eddie Brock’s face show while the symbiote is covering him is a thing of beauty!  Same with the Cletus Cassidy figure – but the bigger excitement is the exclusives that are being offered of this character!  The Carnage Pop! coloring is straight out of the comics – even with the exaggerated, over-sized head doesn’t take away from the brilliance of the sculpt of the new Carnage figure.

hulkyhulk 027 (2)

hulkyhulk 026 (2)

The Fall Convention Exclusive boasts some tendrils shooting from his body and arms and look awesome.  This is a big year for Carnage as he not only has these new Pop!s but also he had the cameo in the Venom movie as well as the fantastic Marvel Legends line!  Much like the new ML figure that has Carnage with an axe hand FYE released a Pop! boasting the same appendage.  It’s pretty great.  As usualy, my only complaint lies with the fact that all of the Marvel Pop! figures have to be bobble heads – it’s still not enough to dissuade me from picking these pieces up!

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We Need this Back in our Lives!


And I don’t mean Twinkies!  I mean the awesome Green Frog!  It was a magician the whole freakin’ time?  I need more back story, people!  Come on!  This has to be the greatest unsolved mystery of all time!

Hulk Goggles (2018)

mike hulk 017 (2)If there is anything us Hulk fans know it’s that, given time, the Hulk can adapt to any atmosphere, breathe any substance, or even survive on any hostile environment!  So essentially, using these goggles makes you sort of Hulk like!  I also appreciate the fact that they kept the eyebrows painted on – anyone seeing people in goggles knows how jarring it is to have anyone be seen without eyebrows!

Soylent Green: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 51


I can only think of one other thing as scary as a cannibal Hulk… and that’s a naked Hulk.

Hulk Fidget Spinner (2018)

mike hulk 037 (2)

Yes, this fad is pretty much dead and gone – and it went real fast!  Maybe it’s because these things were never really meant to be play toys or collectibles? They were truly meant as tools to help children with ADHD.  I wasn’t against the fad nor did I buy into it – but I did grab a couple Hulk fidget spinners.  This one is another piece from my good friend Mike – I’m not really sure where he got it but it is pretty heavy, a solid and heavy piece of metal.  The fancy metal container it comes in all seems like it’s overkill but hey, for some people having a secure container might’ve been really important!

Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian BAF (2018)

hulkyhulk 012 (2)

The second series of Marvel Legends from the Avengers: Infinity War showed us some impressive figures, silly figures and yes, even some unexpected characters.  The two biggest surprises and welcomed figures were Thor – missing an eye – and the Black Knight figure.  I liked the blonde Black Widow figure but I didn’t need another one so I was going to pass.  I didn’t want the Malekith figure and the Wasp looked good – but I wasn’t a fan of that character.  Let’s be honest – that Ant-Man figure was way too goofy!  I love Paul Rudd and think he’s pretty great as Scott Lang but I can’t take the goofy look on the figure’s face.

hulkyhulk 013 (2)

This is where having a network of collecting friends comes in handy.  Wheeling and dealing and getting the other pieces I needed to complete this figure wasn’t as much of a pain as getting the Lizard was – but it wasn’t all that easy either.  I don’t think anyone bought the Paul Rudd Ant-Man figure!  I finally finished the BAF and I have to tell you I am not all that impressed with it.  The size and weight of this figure is pretty great – but the paint apps really make it less impressive.

hulkyhulk 014 (2)

The muddled green and brown paints make it look sloppy and harder to see the different features.  The face especially looks muddled to the point where it’s hard to make out the mouth from the rest of the face.  The oddly splotchy chest doesn’t look right either as most of the rest of the body is a solid dark brown.  The flat grey paints they used for the hammer and limited clothing makes it look cheap and plastic.  Overall, this impressively sized figure is sort of ruined by the paint apps.  This reminds me of the Man-Thing figure released with the Netflix series.

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