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Infinity Gauntlet Glove (2018)

christmas hulk 020 (2)

There are quite a few of these foam Gauntlets out there – the things is, most of them aren’t very good.  This is the most comic accurate and looks the best, in my opinion!  The Infinity Gems are big, round and bright just as they should be!  The material seems to be the same that they made the original Hulk hands from.  It’s both soft enough for people to take a punch but also firm enough to feel solid when you’re wearing it.  The size is just perfect too – it’s the whole gauntlet – not just the base of the hand like the latest Hulk hands have offered.  The only thing was the price.  This was the same price that you paid for the latest, flimsy Hulk hands – and there were two of them!  The better deal was to wait, like I did, until these hit secondary retailers where they were discounted.

christmas hulk 021 (2)