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Incredible Hulk 3D LED Night Light (2018)

mike hulk 007 (2)

This is an incredible gift from my friend Mike.  The dude really brought it this time because this thing is totally awesome!  The light is brilliantly bright and the array of colors astounded my children!  There is even a setting to let it scroll through all of the colors on its own.

mike hulk 002 (2)

There is an obvious and “incredible” green

mike hulk 006 (2)

A somewhat betrayal in the red

mike hulk 005 (2)

An adorable purple

mike hulk 004 (2)

A bright yellow

mike hulk 003 (2)

And lastly, an appropriate cosmic Hulk blue.

Thank you GammaPup for this new addition as this is easily one of the coolest new additions to the Hulk collection!