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Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Figures (2014)

nonhulk 019 (2)

Unless you were alive and watched Pulp Fiction in the theaters I don’t think you can comprehend just how influential it really was.  The landscape of action movies dramatically changed practically overnight.  Pulp Fiction did more than just entertain people – it influenced countless people and altered movie making in general.  People thought of movies differently after its release!  While I didn’t want the run of figures that were created I did see Jules and Vincent and couldn’t pass them up!

nonhulk 020 (2)

ReAction figures were a somewhat interesting and fun idea – take the simplest mold, a vintage approach to action figures and release all sorts of pop culture characters that have never seen representation in plastic.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the line and didn’t bother picking up too many of these but these guys were too hard to say no to!  If nothing more than to commemorate the impact this movie had on entertainment itself I picked these up to display in my office.

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